Agri-input Business

Agri-input businesses manage various operations throughout the year such as sales, marketing, production, and logistics. The common ground of all is using crop cultivation estimation and forecasts to best serve the market.

Current data and analytics, on the other hand, are not granular enough, not connected in a simple and useful way, and limited to specific timeframes which are generally available much later than many of these decisions are made.

Now there’s a better way.

Agcurate connects your operations with accurate, rich and periodic rural agricultural analytics, de-risking your operations and empowering your decision making.

Platform features used in Agri-input Business

  • In-season crop classification
  • Crop condition monitoring
  • Rich crop intelligence
  • WORK IN PROGRESSField yield estimation
  • Year-over-year trend analysis
  • WORK IN PROGRESSHarvest progress detection
  • User friendly interface
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