Commodity, Food, and Retail

Various dynamic conditions that impact agricultural productivity have substantial effects on crop sourcing and procuring. It’s more important than ever to have long term planning, optimal supply flow and foreseeable pricing.

Agcurate helps analyzing and estimating crop supply for optimal supply flow and better buying terms. We provide accurate, rich and periodic crop supply intelligence from the fields in the regions of your concern.

Platform features used in Commodity, Food, and Retail

  • In-season crop classification
  • Crop condition monitoring
  • Rich crop intelligence
  • WORK IN PROGRESSField yield estimation
  • Year-over-year trend analysis
  • WORK IN PROGRESSHarvest progress detection
  • User friendly interface
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Agcurate’s satellite imagery based rural intelligence enables us to enhance operational ERP capabilities of our solutions from harvest management to contract farming and even credit management.

Hüseyin Gönenç Başol

Co-Founder, Agronomist BV

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