Insurance and Banking

Our food is being cultivated across vast farmlands in remote rural areas, which agri-banking and insurance is not well-informed of. Among 500 million family farmers, managing 53% of all global farmlands, over 400 million cannot reach or are not eligible for loans, which limits their ability to grow their business and only 15 million are protected by insurance.

Traditional banking and insurance organizations need an objective way of assessing the agri-feasibility scoring to de-risk their operations and extend their customer base while enabling millions of family farmers a more sustainable future.

Agcurate helps banking & insurance organizations instantly find valuable patterns during the loan & insurance application process and assists sales agents make better and more precise decisions without leaving the office.

Platform features used in Insurance and Banking

  • In-season crop classification
  • Crop condition monitoring
  • Rich crop intelligence
  • WORK IN PROGRESSField yield estimation
  • Field history detection
  • Crop rotation identification
  • Agri-feasibility scoring
  • Instant API results
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We teamed up with Agcurate to deliver a high performing, remotely operated insurance product using satellite analytics. Our collaboration carried us in a position where we deliver low risks, low costs and high scalability at the same time.

Simon Schwall

CEO, OKO Finance

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